The BECO BXR rotary is designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of a 24 hour dairy operation. The platform's heavy duty construction and design maximizes milk quality and operator efficiency. From the CIP swivel to the raised deck, heavy duty construction, and properly aligned stalls the BXR rotary was built with extreme detail given to strength, milk quality, and efficiency.

Heavy Duty Construction with Heavy Duty Cabinets

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Heavy duty centering devices

  • Does not rely on spokes or swivel to stay centered

Substantial swivel support

  • There is no weight resting on the swivel

Robust stainless steel cabinets

  • Designed for the rigors of a 24 hour dairy operation

Pinched drives

  • Equal pressure placed on both sides of beam

Electric planetary drives

  • Designed to go forward, reverse, and to be used as a brake

Dual Pinch Style Electric Planetary Drives
Wheels and Tracks

Flat wheels and flat track

  • Allows for superior surface area

  • Reduces friction

  • 2 wheels per stall for added strength

Raised Deck

Raised deck

  • Allows for proper 2% slope of milk lines

  • Eliminates any lifting of milk

Extended Deck

Extended deck

  • Keeps the basement clean and dry

Smart and Simple Control System

Operator control panel

  • Customizable with 3 speed options

  • Forward/reverse and start/stop

  • Emergency stop

Smart PLC control system

  • If the platform stops for any reason, simply look at the lights to see why


  • Controlled by variable speed drives

  • Includes RF filters on input and output of drives

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CIP swivel

  • Allows platform to rotate while washing is taking place
  • Milk special needs cows, and after they are milked you can start the wash cycle
  • When special needs are complete and still in wash cycle, rotate the platform to get the cows off

  • Operators can stay in one place washing units as the platform turns and wash is taking place
  • No need to park the platform in a specific place and hook up CIP hoses
  • Only platform on the market to offer a CIP swivel
CIP Swivel
Properly Aligned Stalls and Platform Rotation

Stalls aligned properly with platform rotation

  • Takeoff unit comes first and then the cow

  • Angled stalls allow cows leg to be moved forward of the takeoff chain

  • Allows for smoother unit retract