Today with our industry’s high producing cows it is extremely important that dairyman choose milking equipment that will allow the cow to have increased flow rates, shorter durations, and a healthier milking experience. BECO accomplishes this by having 7/8” milking equipment.  BECO’s claws, sensors, and accurate flow through meters all have a 7/8” design. This allows BECO to be the only company that can eliminate all restrictions in the milk path.


At BECO we also believe in doing what is right for the dairyman and the industry. BECO started 60 years ago in the San Joaquin Valley of California, in the heart of large dairies.  BECO started because no other companies’ equipment would last in the rigorous demands of the 24 hour dairies, so BECO developed equipment that would meet those demands. 

BECO designs equipment that is not only rugged and simple, but also technically advanced and user friendly. Do to the fact that BECO builds everything rugged, BECO also has an industry leading 5-year warranty. Contact BECO to see how “Eliminating Restrictions” can benefit your dairy today.

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