Provides steady claw vacuum that eliminates all claw vacuum restrictions.

Stable claw vacuum improves milking by allowing maximum flow rates without disturbing claw and liner function.

Plenty of capacity for today's high flow rates.

  • Large Capacity: 400 CC-7/8", 350 CC-3/4"


Ergonomic design that milk harvest technicians like


7/8 and 3/4 outlets available.

Improves Unit Alignment

Designed with wider forks for front quarters and narrow inlets for rear quarters allowing units to sit squarely under the udder.

Strong, Light Weight, and Durable

Durable PPSU plastic (Radel®, Ultrason®) for strength and durability


Consistent milkout

  • Independent exhaust, pulsation, and vacuum ports

  • Large porting for faster air movement

Protection from the elements

  • Electrical wires plugged into the pulsator with no exposed wires

Simple to rebuild, easy to maintain

  • Complete rebuild in 30 seconds

  • Rebuild does not require any tools

  • Quick disconnect clamps and plugs

  • Plug and play wiring harness

  • Long lasting liner, 3000 cow milkings

  • Large internal diameter of the milk tube to eliminate restrictions

  • Longer liner to collapse around teat at optimal points

  • Fast and gentle all in one liner

  • All stainless steel design

  • 7/8" design eliminates restrictions in the milk path

  • Only backflush valve designed to have sensor/shutoff capabilities

  • Optional stainless steel box to protect valve