60 Years Of Progression & Innovation
The Birth Of The Company


The company was founded in 1958 when Mike and Shirley Brown started a livestock supplies business. It would quickly find the company getting into the milk machine business and starting to manufacture some of their own equipment.

A Time Of Introduction To Automation In Milking Parlors

BECO (Brown Equipment Company) was one of the first companies to bring solid state electronic automatic take-off's to the California dairy industry.

This led to reduced labor and better milking of cows. At a time when parlor automation was in it's infancy, BECO led the way in innovation with the introduction of back flush, pneumatic controlled side opening parlors, air crowd gates, and solid state pulsation controls.

Herringbone Parlors Set The New Standard For The Time


The 1980's were a time of advancement in automation performance and reliability and BECO saw the birth of it's Guarding Milking Center Line. Each unit was an automatic take-off, pulsation, and back flush all in one "plug and play" unit.  Computerized milking systems are first introduced in this time period.

Herringbone parlors were the standard of the time. BECO led the way with the development of one of the first rapid exit parlors which increased cow flow in large parlors.

As Herd Sizes Grew, Parallel Parlors Fit The Need

The 1990's saw a rapid expansion of herd sizes and parallel parlors come into existence to make this possible. Once again BECO lead the way with automation that was specifically designed for the unique needs of these parlors.

With the advancements in genetics, nutrition, and computerized management, milk production had risen significantly. This is when BECO recognized the need for a higher capacity milking system.

BECO designed and patented it's 7/8" milking system, allowing for stabilization of claw vacuum allowing cows to milk faster and cleaner.

Dairy Herd Sizes Explode


The 2000's saw the era of large dairies pop up all over the world. BECO, in the middle of this event, developed an unparalleled reputation for reliable equipment for these 24/7 operations.

Shown in the picture is a D-80 milking parlor fully automated with detachers that collect parlor performance data, no moving parts milk meters, back flush, pulsation monitoring and individual cow ID.

At this same time BECO is supplying equipment for multiple D-75 parlors in the middle east with the same equipment. Large dairies need reliability and that's what BECO delivers.

Dairies Need More Speed and Efficiency

Rotary parlors were not new to this era, but BECO recognized that they will be the barn of choice for efficiency and labor reduction, for large dairies. However, the problem was that the current rotaries on the market were not built for 24/7 operations and a lot of problems existed with those designs.

BECO diligently studied these problems and vowed to correct them and bring reliability that just didn't exist. This U.S. designed and built rotary has set new standards for reliability and being made in the U.S. has allowed us to cut out one level of distribution leading to a superior product that is more economical than others.