MooMonitor+ is a wireless health monitoring system which allows you to monitor your herd 24/7. It sends you alerts on your cows’ health and fertility. It is mobile friendly, which means all of your cows data is sent directly to your phone, tablet or PC. It is easy to use and totally secure.

Real-time information has always been invaluable to farmers and with the MooMonitor+ accessing that information has never been easier. Decisions can be made more effectively and the data is always at your fingertips. The data is simple to understand and easy to interact with.  So no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing you can check up on your heard quickly and easily.


Every farmer wants easy and accurate heat detection, more calves at the right time, healthy cows and the best genetics possible…this is now possible with MooMonitor+!

MooMonitor+ is a wireless sensor that allows farmers to detect individual cow heats and health events with ease through data analysis. It monitors cows on a daily basis and identifies specific types of behaviors such as:


  • Feeding

  • Rumination

  • Levels of activity

These features can aid in detecting heats, monitoring feeding and rumination patterns, monitoring cow welfare and managing the health status of your farm.



Fully integrated with Health Monitoring

and Cow Positioning

Combination is key. Nedap COWcontrol ™ is always equipped with the combination of Heat Detection and Health Monitoring and can be extended with Cow Positioning. Reproduction results are highly dependent on the health and condition of the cow. Being able to get optimal grip on herd health with Nedap Health Monitoring means being able to maximize reproduction results even further than with heat detection alone. Adding Cow Positioning allows you to save even more time and increase efficiency further.

Outstanding dairy cow heat detection

Nedap Heat Detection catches the heats of millions of cows every day and helps dairy farmers worldwide to improve reproduction results and labor efficiency. It automatically monitors the activity and tracks the signs of heat – such as sniffing, chin resting, mounting and standing heat – of all cows 24/7.

Nedap Heat Detection gives you a clear view of all cows in heat – anytime and anywhere – and supports effective insemination with the highest chance of conception. Find out what the best-in-class solution for heat detection in cattle can mean for your reproduction results.

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